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For an artist, a paintbrush can be all they need to come to life. However, with so many different sizes and kinds of brushes, it can be difficult for an aspiring artist to know what to use. There is a range of paintbrushes in the art world from shapes and sizes to the materials that are used to make paintbrushes. However, once a bit of research is done, it can be relatively easy to pick out a brush or brush set. Here are a few brushes that are used to help decide what’s best to paint with.

Brush Shape

One of the most important factors of picking a paintbrush is the shape. The shape determines how much pressure can be put on the canvas and what lines and textures can be made.

-Round: Good for fine detailing with a group of bristles in a rounded tip.

-Flat: These are good for almost everything from painting large spaces to painting lines.

-Bright: Short-bristled with edges that curve towards the center. These work best with heavy body paints to add more pigment.

-Fan: These have fanned-out bristles that are good for nature-like effects.

-Angle: These brushes have an angled edge and are good for making curved lines and filling in corners.

-Mop: These brushes come in larger sizes and rounded edges. These brushes are mainly for watercolorists since they create washes of color.

Types of Bristles

There are three different bristle lengths. Long and medium, which are used for fluid paints and fine detailing. Then there’s short, which can be used when there’s a need for control over strokes. Bristles are also either natural or synthetic. Natural bristles are either soft hair or hog bristles. Hog bristles are sturdier and can hold more paint, whereas soft hair bristles are softer and made from sable. Synthetic brushes are made of nylon or polyester. These are not as effective, but they are easier to clean.

Best Paintbrush Sets

Most paintbrushes available are sold in sets. Here is a list of various sets on the market.

-Student grade paintbrushes

-Acrylic paintbrushes

-Hog bristle paintbrush set

-Oil paintbrush set

-Value packs of craft brushes

-Travel paintbrush sets

-Watercolor brush set

-Sable brush set

-Handcrafted natural brushes