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For any savvy artist, selling your art will be a breeze once you take advantage of your resources. You know your target audience and its time to get your work out there– but how? Selling art online is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience than your local markets and turn your side hustle into a true business. Today’s online markets are booming with markers around the globe. No matter what type of art you create, you can truly expand your niche audience simply by selling online.

Behance | Although you can’t sell your art directly on this site, Behance is an artist’s palate here. Behance is great for more digitized arts, but truly can be used to display any project or product you’ve completed. If you’re looking to create an online profile that showcases your art skills, create a Behance profile. Not only is this great to show what you have made and what you are selling, but you can connect and network with artists all over the world. Joining an online community of like-minded artists is great inspiration for anyone looking to show off their creativity.

Etsy | This website is a maker’s amusement park. The options of what you can sell on Etsy are (almost) unlimited. Millions of people purchase one-of-a-kind items sold on Etsy’s website. Makers create shops and can easily manage the items available. Etsy allows the artist to become an independent seller through easy, secure transactions. Pretty much any handmade item you can think of, you can find on Esty. Etsy also makes it easy for your target audience to find you through tags and titles (SEO), categories, and more. If you have multiple media types for sale, Etsy is your one stop shop for selling art and other crafts online.

Instagram | Some say that Etsy and Instagram go hand in hand. Many artists that sell their art online gain more traffic to their Etsy shop by utilizing Instagram’s audience reach. Through relevant and trending hashtags, artists can increase their traffic to their Etsy shop. Instagram also makes it easy for users to increase their following through algorithms. This is a great resource for networking, collaborations, hosting giveaways, and more.

Envato | Going back to a more generalized source for selling digital art, Envato is a great choice. Envato is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for creative people. Millions of digital art is sold through Envato. Artists have the ability to not only sell their art, but set up meet and greets with other artists, collaborations, and more.

The appreciation for art and handmade items is increasing among today’s society. We are beginning to value community over competition, small businesses, and even shopping local. No matter where you choose to sell your art online, you have a great market to start taking advantage of.