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New Mexico is known for its beautiful landscapes full of red rocks, stretched desserts, river gorges, and more wild views. While the great outdoors of the Southwest are breathtaking, they’re nothing short of inspiration– that of which has inspired art. New Mexico is home to a unique art scene with collections of art from all over the globe. If artwork captures your attention, you’ll want to put some of the best art museums that New Mexico has to offer on your bucket list. Below you’ll find a short list of the best art in New Mexico.

1. Museum of International Folk Art

Take a trip around the globe with the colorful and diverse history of international folk art. This collection includes works from over 100 countries with over 130,000 objects. You’ll have the opportunity to get a good look at beautiful pottery, religious objects, garments, jewelry and much more. Art isn’t just paint on canvas, it extends to objects created over time and through culture.

2. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

This museum located in downtown Santa Fe explores the life, works and legacy of the fascinating Georgia O’Keeffe. Experience her iconic flower paintings, soak in all the colors, abstractions and nature that she used in her art. O’Keeffe truly opens up her creativity and allows you to see New Mexico through her eyes in various forms of art.

3. Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

Explore the background, arts and culture of the American Southwest from the Territorial period to modern day. While exploring the collection, you’ll learn about Native American traditions, Hispanic religion, and folk arts. For example, the works of famous Santa Fe artists such as John Sloan and Georgia O’Keeffe, and much more.

4. New Mexico Museum of Art

Visit the oldest art museum in New Mexico. The permanent collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art includes the works of Santa Fe artists such as Paul Burlin and explores the culture and history of the colorful, passionate and inspiring New Mexico.

5. Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

While many of the museums of New Mexico explore the rich history of the native people and cultures, the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts explores what Native American artists are creating now. Explore dynamic and vivid works including Abstract Expressionism and Hard-edge Painting inspired by their heritage.

These are only some of the many enchanting museums that New Mexico has to offer. Prepare to have a rich experience that you’ll never forget and soak in the stunning visuals and history of the Southwest.