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Blogging seems like a simple and time-efficient endeavor. It may come as a surprise, however, that the art of creating inspiring and attention grabbing blogs is a little more complicated than it seems. For aspiring viral sensations attempting to throw their hat into the online ring, this list of seven inspiring artists with blogs may offer guidance.

1. Hugh McCleod

Hugh is a successful cartoonist that has transformed his platform and transcended the print format. As self-made as possible, his work has found itself placed in the offices of some of the most successful companies.

2. Janice Trenton

Janice is a genuinely inspirational force of visual art. Her work is readily on display in her blog, which regularly produces nuggets of wisdom for artists who wish to reach her level of incredible acclaim.

3. Jolie Guillebeau

Jolie is unique in that she tells stories not just through the vivid visual mindscapes that she is known for but her impressive storytelling. Her status as a dual threat makes her one to aspire to in artistic circles.

4. Natasha Wescoat is one of the artists on this list who have pioneered the digital realm and movement. Based staunchly in the realm of pixels, Natasha has brought to life countless pieces from the depths of the ether.

5. Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa is an artist by many rights. Her musical and visual talents are accentuated by the many other random tricks that she has picked up in her travels. A ukulele is a formidable weapon in Melissa’s hands.

6. Kristen Kieffer

Kristen is a master at telling a story with every piece that she creates. Sculpture, canvas and many more mediums have become the binding of the book that she weaves with expert hands and delicate care.

7. Aaron Hockley

Aaron rounds out the list with his impressive resume of event promotion and fine-art photography. Every picture that Aaron captures tells a tale, a ballad or a narration that comes to life when the film dries. Aaron’s work in multiple fields secures his spot on this long list of talents.

The time is nigh for independent artists and entrepreneurs to seek a foothold in the online realm. Artists such as these are capable of sparking inspiration for anyone hoping to make their one big break.