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Investing in the arts is one of the best ways to foster a positive sense of community in your area. Many people want to become active in their communities by supporting local artists, but they are unsure of how to do it. Don’t be intimidated! There are many easy ways that you can support your local artists.

The most direct way to support your favorite artists is to become a patron. By going to local art shows and buying art from those artists whose work inspires you, you will benefit from a personal relationship with those artists and the knowledge that your support dramatically encourages them in their craft. For an emerging artist, the feeling that you like their work enough to want to own it can make all the difference.

Following a local gallery or community center can be a great way to learn about emerging talent. This is the best way to stay informed about upcoming events where local artists will be featured. Following artists individually on social media and sharing their work with others is a great way to support their progress. In the past, many artists had to rely on galleries to market and sell their work. While a positive relationship with a gallery can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be a barrier to entry for young artists. Social media has become a powerful tool with which many artists have been able to transform their passion into a profession. By following their careers online, you can be a part of their growth.

Offering support for the fine arts programs in local schools is another opportunity to grow the arts in your community. Most artists discover their passion during this period in their lives, and if we fail to support them during these critical years, that passion may wither on the vine. Whether you have children or not, you’re paying taxes to support public education, and you can influence how those funds are allocated by supporting these programs in your local government.

Supporting your local artists is supporting the growth of your community. It’s incredibly satisfying to see the progression of your favorite artist’s career encouraged by your support, as a favorite piece of art has become a smart financial investment.