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It can be hard for an artist to get back into the groove of their craft after experiencing a dry-spell concerning motivation. Sometimes it can seem nearly impossible to come back but with the lessons learned from how other artists bounce back, there are plenty of techniques to help you get the creative juices flowing once again.

Use Your Surroundings | Leonardo Da Vinci

More than just a painter, Leonardo Da Vinci brought great influence to our world. Although he’s famously known for being the creative behind Mona Lisa, he is also an artist that brought atmospheric perspective to painting. This technique is known as things closer being in site but objects farther away being blurry. Da Vinci used inspiration from around him in Italy. He also found inspiration in light and shadows, portraying this in many of his paintings.

Be Patient | Polly Stenham

Polly Stenham is a playwright who has three magical tips for renewing inspiration. Although not an artist by paint and pictures, Stenham is a great artist through words. Her tips include listening to music to ignite emotion, doodling when feeling extra fidgety, and going for a walk to clear the mind. Get out of your head and don’t put pressure on yourself. Creativity happens when it happens.

Find a Friend to Join You | Claude Monet

After he had his first son, Claude Monet moved to the coast where he could be closer to his painting inspiration. Fascinated by light effects on the water, Monet loved painting marine landscapes. Monet would paint with another artists, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, another famous artist we know from the late 1800s. Together, the two went outside to paint which improved their inspiration. Sometimes you need to get creative with a friend!

Chase Emotion | Jasmin Vardimon

Jasmin Vardimon is a choreographer that finds inspiration in unique places that provide emotional stimulation such as a hospital, a wedding, or even a courtroom. She also says that her family and other artists she collaborates with inspire her in many ways. Although Vardimon is an artist who creates movement through the body, this can be taken to pencil and paper, using this inspiration tip for any means of art!

If you’re still not feeling inspired to grab your tools and get to work on your next project, be patient with yourself. Try one of these tips to renew your motivation and inspiration. You’ll be surprised at what you are capable of when you remove pressure and let your flow go!