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The brisk autumn air makes a splendid companion for visits to art museums, festivals, and exclusive events. Autumn marks the back to school season which cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. This is such a plus when it comes to visiting new art destinations around the country! In Autumn, art lovers won’t need to be worried about being overrun by crowds when they take their sketch pads to one of these exclusive artist venues. Art enthusiasts should get ready to plan their journey.

Destination 1: Capital Arts Fest (Concord, New Hampshire)

The state capital of New Hampshire hosts an exclusive art event each year that includes music and street performances. The natural environment that surrounds this festival appeals to the sensual nature of art. Art lovers will not be disappointed when they visit this splendid festival.

Destination 2: Renoir (Fort Worth, Texas)

The Kimbell Art Museum hosts a special exhibit of Renoir’s work from October to January of next year. Art lovers will gather to celebrate this Renoir exhibit, featuring a theme of the human bodily form. Art lovers should also check out other major works in the museums within The Cultural District in Fort Worth.

Destination 3: Sonnabend Exhibit (Saskatoon, Canada)

Art lovers will be making special plans to visit the new Remai Museum in Saskatoon, Canada. Special exhibits work with light to dazzle interested patrons. This Saskatchewan museum will feature paintings from a major art collector during the Nuit Blanche Festival.

Destination 4: Heritage Weekend (Asheville, North Carolina)

During autumn in Asheville, local artists gather to celebrate their Appalachian heritage. Events include musical performances and discussions on interesting concepts. Discussions at the Heritage Weekend surround diverse topics like beekeeping and cooperative living.

Destination 5: MOJA (Charleston, South Carolina)

Irene Levine from Forbes puts this destination at the top of her list. This arts festival has been celebrating Caribbean and African American art for 36 years. Visitors gather to celebrate diversity in art with video presentations and more.
Destination 6: Pace Gallery (New York, New York)

If you are an art lover who loves architecture, you need to check out the newest Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture addition. The 75,000 square foot exhibited was unveiled on September 14th and highlights  the early works of Alexander Calder, Fred Wilson, David Hockney. In addition to these acclaimed artist, the exhibit is also debuting the work of the young and talented Loie Hollowell. Take this fall as an opportunity to gaze upon her beautifully layered paintings foot

Art lovers will have little difficulty finding worthwhile exhibits during this autumn season. Museums around the country have set up exhibits to meet the needs of growing demand for quality artwork. These festivals add to the experience by connecting patrons with living artists.