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Nina Nandy is an art lover with an appreciation for history and one’s ability to capture moments in time with artistic talent. Although she’s not a professional artist, Nina does stretch in her free time, and explores art when she gets the chance. Here’s a list of must-visit museums in the U.S., brought to you by Nina.

Metropolitan Museum | New York, New York

Founded in 1870, the Met is one of New York’s finest attractions. With 3 different sites, The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters, this museum has a collection of art spanning over 5,000 years. Through galleries, exhibitions, events, and more, The Met brings art to life as it connects time and culture. There are multiple ways guests can enjoy The Met, including using a self-guided tour with the app, guide books, guided tours, and even online.

Art Institute of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

Representing artistic tradition, the Art Institute of Chicago was founded as both a museum and a school of art in 1879. This was a critical moment in Chicago’s history as the city came together to rebuild itself from the Great Fire of 1871. Both the School of Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Art Institute of Chicago are known as two leading fine-arts institutions in the United States. You can check out some of their upcoming exhibitions to see if any peak your interest. If you’re ever in the windy city, this is something worth seeing.

Philadelphia Museum of Art | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A landmark to the city of brotherly love, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a place that welcomes all, showcasing their world-renowned collection. The museum came about after the great Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Fairmount Park– the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art. Since then, this art museum has grown throughout decades, publishing collection handbooks, acquiring one-of-a-kind collection pieces, establishing energy-saving measures, and more. If you’re looking to see world-class art, this is the place to go.

National Gallery of Art | Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is known for being home to a plethora of museums. Founded by an art collector from Pittsburgh who moved to Washington– Andrew W. Mellon, who believed that the United States should have a national art museum equal to, or better than those of other nations. With the approval of the United States President during that time, Theodore Roosevelt, Mellon donated his art collection and used his own funding to construct the museum. Since then the National Gallery of Art has grown into one of the finest art museums in the world.

Nevada Museum of Art | Reno, Nevada

Reno is home to the best art museums in Nevada. The Nevada Museum of Art is an educational resource for anyone who walks through its doors. It has been accredited with the American Alliance of Museums, as following the standards and best practices outlined by the AAM. Only 5% of American museums are accredited by the AAM. Founded in 1931, the Nevada Museum of Art is the only accredited art museum in the state of Nevada.