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People have been spending much more time at home during the last year than ever before. Staying inside, doing the same things every day, can get boring. Fortunately, art museums around the world have started offering virtual tours. A few of the best tours are listed below, all of which offer a great way to stay entertained without leaving home.


The British Museum: London, England


With the goal of creating a connection between virtual visitors and the past, The British Museum’s online experience lets visitors travel through history on an interactive timeline. Visitors can explore the museum’s exhibits by continent or time period and can click on each item for a detailed description and photographs.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: New York City, United States


Google and the Guggenheim have teamed up to let visitors virtually tour the museum’s exhibits with the help of Street View. Clicking on a piece of art on the bottom of the screen will display its name and creator and transition the main display to the Street View image of that artwork. Visitors can then navigate the art to view it from a variety of angles or click on a small popup to be taken to a Google Arts & Culture page with more detailed information.


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art: South Korea


Like the Guggenheim, South Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (NMMCA) has teamed up with Google to create an exceptional online experience for virtual visitors. All four of the museum’s branches have exhibits in this partnership. This makes it easy for visitors to explore whatever they’re interested in, whether it’s modern art, botany, sculpture, or something else entirely. As an extra touch, the museum and Google have also partnered on a mobile app that features virtual reality tours for a deeper level of cultural immersion.


Louvre: Paris, France

The world’s largest art museum offers four carefully curated virtual tours. All of the tours take place in the museum’s renowned Petite Galerie, but they cover very different exhibits. Visitors can learn about how myths have been passed down through history, the art of dance, the connection between politics and art, and how artists stepped out of anonymity to become famous. The museum also has an interactive Mona Lisa exhibit, activities for children, and podcasts for even more exploration.