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No matter if you’re a beginner-level artist or you’ve been producing masterpieces for a handful of years, learning a new skill or form of art can be a great exercise to get away from your standard practices and also gives you the opportunity to try something new. Art kits are a great way to learn how to do different forms of art. From hand making your own blanket to painting your first watercolor landscape, art kits can teach you the secrets to mastering the art right from the start.

365 Days of Art

Take your journaling to the next level through works of art. 365 Days of Art is a journal that will provide you with daily experiences in a vibrant paperback book.This book even includes a list of helpful supplies to stock up on. Make new creative goals and reflect on your life each day at the same time. Every exercise each day will serve as your outlet to truly document your progress. From filling in small shapes to sketching from scratch, this art kit gives you the tools you need track your creative growth.

String Art Book Kit

A very non-traditional style of art, string art is a craft that changed the way people view a simple piece of string and a few nails. While the string art book is targeted more towards children, anyone at any age can have fun hammering a few pins into a board and wrapping string into a design. The book provides numerous templates and color schemes to work with. This kit supplies you with project boards, string, pins, tracing paper, and more. You’ll have everything you need to try this new art form!

DIY Crochet Throw Blanket Kit

If you love a cozy blanket and the DIY trend, you’ll love being able to make your own throw to decorate your home and cuddle up with. Debrosse NYC has DIY kits for crocheted throw blankets. The kit supplies you with the hook and yarn you need to follow along with the pattern. If you’ve never crocheted or knitted a project with yarn, you’ll find Youtube to be a great resource for how-to videos. With an open mind, this beginner friendly pattern can turn a craft into a hobby and new form of art.

Everyday Watercolor

Don’t let painting intimidate you if a pen or pencil feels more comfortable in your hand. Mon Voir recently released her how-to book called Everyday Watercolor that shows beginners how to master the art of a brush and paint. This 30-day designed book will walk you through step by step processes of working with water and paint to really learn the technique. You’ll also find great inspiration from the Mon Voir Instagram.

Hand Lettering 101

ChalkFullOfLove has taken Instagram by storm with her modern day art form of hand lettering. Her new book, Hand Lettering 101 is available at Target and is a great resource to beginners or anyone who wants to learn this form of art. A true beginner’s workshop, this book will walk you through the different techniques for every letter in the alphabet and also provide you with the best tips and tricks. Connecting letters, matching fonts, and modern calligraphy await!