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From Christina Aguilera to Garth Brooks, at some point, each known artist started out as a no-name wannabe who just wanted someone to take the time to hear what they had to say. It took years of struggling and racing to try and make it work. They would have to mail off demos and wait anxiously to see if their music would make it. With the advancement of technology and the establishment of social media platforms, younger artists are finding it easier to get their songs to the masses and start building their fanbase. Utilizing forums like Spotify and TikTok, a member of GenZ can compose, edit, and produce their unique sound and have it out to their fans in only a few hours. Here are some artists to check out as we head further into 2021 as they set the scene for the future of music.


Blu DeTiger


If you are a follower of TikTok videos, check out this incredible bassist who has performed music over many different genres since she was seven years old. A true artist, the music she strums is unmistakably ingenious. Keep your eyes and ears open as she lets out a truly amazing riff.


Hope Tala


This British singer-songwriter looks for inspiration in everything around her. From classic novels to recent movies, she is changing the world around her with the melodies she makes. Her R&B fusion has put her at the top of lists everywhere, making a statement that she is not be overlooked.


Claire Rosinkranz


A sweet sixteen singer, Claire Rosinkranz has been working hard to hone her craft and even help her father make some music for television. Putting her work on TikTok helped her work to soar and racked up over 80 million streams on Spotify. Be sure to check out her unique sound as we head further into 2021.


spill tab


This French-speaking singer has made herself a standout with her backbeats, making it onto the cut of a Billie Eilish song. This is one of the many reasons why she has been put on this list. She has already put out her debut EP and labeled herself an artist to watch.




Poetry set to emotional graphics; this artist is one of a kind. His empowered lyrics can only be matched by his abilities in front of the camera as well as behind it. Mustafa uses his words of power in the songs he sings, the films he makes, and the activism he pours his heart into to make the world a better place for other future artists.


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